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Turquoise Stone Nail Art

One of my favorite designs, by far, is the turquoise stone look. 

Keep Calm & Paint On | Not a Wasted Word

Check out the nail art section on my blog :)

We have been off on our nail art game recently!

We both apologize for it! We are just wrapped up with our college work that we barely have time anymore. 

If you want quick updates about my (Nisha’s) nails, you can check out my blog on Blogger: whatsonyournails.blogspot.com

Nails, College, the Brown Life, and Everything in Between!: Nail Polish and Beauty Brands

I (Nisha) started a new blog over on Blogger! Check out this post about makeup and nails! 

Minnie Mouse nails! I think these came out pretty well! 
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New nails! (Well, kinda new! I did these almost a week ago haha!)
Crying. My nails kept breaking so I had to cut them off. My babies. I worked so hard to keep them long and healthy. I was too busy to cut them and now they’re completely gone! Haven’t been this short in years.
My college is doing a Day of the Dead celebration today, so I decided to do these sugar skull nails, utilizing the gems once again!
New nails! I’m loving the gem things that I got a few days ago!
NOT about nails BUT at least it cosmetics related! I have a review for Wet n Wild’s MegaLast Lipstick, in the color Stoplight Red. If I could describe it in three words, they would be: A. MA. ZING. I absolutely ADORE it! It give out a bright, bold red color, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I bought it online from Drugstore.com. Albeit, you’re probably better off buying it in store to avoid the unbelievably high cost for shipping, but it’s definitely a great lipstick nonetheless! The semi-matte finish is beautiful. Also, fun fact about my lips: the get chapped REALLY easily. Usually before I put on lipstick, I have to put on a moisturizer, so they will not get chapped. I put this on without moisturizing, and I had no chapped lips! That is probably my favorite part! Overall rating: 8.99/10 (the downfall which is why points were taken away: it can smudge off quickly if you are not careful enough, but that’s how I feel most lipsticks are, unless advertised to not be like that).